BioShock Bingo Card 1

April can be a stressful time for many, especially here in America. Tax season, end of semester exams, the weather is still completely nuts, etc. We could all use a momentary distraction... how about a game of Bingo? The classic game of chance was invented in 1929 and certainly would have been played in Rapture. With that in mind, I present...


We've all completed BioShock, but maybe we've made two or more save files on different levels. So load up the game, or start from the beginning, and fill out the card every time you see, hear, or encounter something on the card.

Single Player Mode:

Time yourself. How long does it take you to get 5 in a row? How long until can you fill out all the spaces?

Single Player Mode:

The standard game. (Coming Soon)

Group Participation

One card is nice, but you really can't play without more than one. Help me come up with more things to put in the boxes and I'll make more cards. If you come up with some different observations, put them in the comments section below. Try to keep the phrases short so they can fit in a small rectangle.

Some things to consider: Have you observed this event on more than 2 playthroughs? Is this an event that occurs in only one or two levels or all throughout the game? Either option is fine, but offer some of both if you can. Is this something that will happen randomly in the game or something a player will choose to do? Again, that's fine, but variety is best.

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