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    A Serious Consideration

    September 21, 2016 by Unownshipper

    Friends, Rapturians, contributors, lend me your ears. I've been seriously considering a potentially large change that will impact the BioShock Wiki and I need your input.

    All Wikis have optional features that impact the user experience including enabling/disabling things like polls, blogs, forums, etc. One of these Features is called "Require All Contributors to Log In;" it's exactly what it sounds like:

    Do you want all contributors on your wikia to be logged in? When this feature is enabled, no anonymous visitors will be allowed to edit pages or participate in comments, Forum or Message Wall without logging in. Anyone can still create a Wikia account to join your community!

    I've seen many Wikis that have this Feature turned on, the question is…

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  • Unownshipper

    So word has spread about BioShock: The Collection and we've already had the first of what will doubtless be many edits in reaction to the remaster. User:Mattb923 recently replaced the image above with the new image below in the BioShock section of The Lighthouse article.

    This is where we must ask ourselves a series of questions. What do we do with the images that we'll be receiving? How do we organize them? How shall we arrange them on the articles that benefit from them?

    One option is to replace the old images; that is, to go to the file page for the original image (this Andrew Ryan statue for example), select "Upload a new version of this file," and literally replace it with the remastered image. This is quick and effective for us, but many c…

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    "Good news, Mister or Missus citizen Rapture!"

    Ten years is a long time, nonetheless BioShock remains a thrilling, thoughtful, and beautiful game. Still, time marches on and technology improves, and while the city of Rapture may deteriorate, it's about to become even more gorgeous.

    BioShock The Collection has been announced. What does this mean? It appears that BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite will be enhanced and remastered for current platforms! So far only hints from 2K, the BioShock Twitter page, and a few screenshots have been released, but an official announcement is expected. Is this all a hoax? A vicious rumor drummed up by the Parasites? Hopefully we'll know soon enough. Stay tuned for more updates!

    "Yes, we thought you'd like the …

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    BioShock Bingo

    April 15, 2016 by Unownshipper

    April can be a stressful time for many, especially here in America. Tax season, end of semester exams, the weather is still completely nuts, etc. We could all use a momentary distraction... how about a game of Bingo? The classic game of chance was invented in 1929 and certainly would have been played in Rapture. With that in mind, I present...


    We've all completed BioShock, but maybe we've made two or more save files on different levels. So load up the game, or start from the beginning, and fill out the card every time you see, hear, or encounter something on the card.

    Single Player Mode:

    Time yourself. How long does it take you to get 5 in a row? How long until can you fill out all the spaces?

    Single Player Mode:

    The standard game…

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    I've talked before about how much I love the amazing visuals of BioShock and the successive games in the franchise. One of the most important aspects, both visually and narratively, were the advertisements seen around the city. The talented artists who worked on the game conducted so much research in order to recreate the aesthetics of the mid-20th century. While their original work is superb, one can't overlook the interesting matter of the "recycled" images.

    It's been uncovered that many of the advertisement images were repurposed pictures, mostly from intricate fruit crate labels, made in the 1900s. We've all done our part to track down the original images to show how they were modified to create something new and useful to the BioShock serie…

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