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    new environments

    July 27, 2012 by Theregenerator

    == Bioshock 3 areas== In bioshock1 and 2 there are no interesting environments,it is the same wet ground and the same old dead city but i am pretty excited about this floating city thing but even it is in the sky i hope the add some other new stuff like:

    1. fighting a songbird while you are on hes back,and you must maintain your balance so you won't fall off his back.
    1. Have a machine that gives you the ability to fly from place to place and you encounter enemies so you have to shoot your way to your destination while flaying.
    1. flaying in an air balloon(you control the balloon)

    But these ideas might be in the game already,and i am just so excited about bioshock 3 so i decided to write down some things i thing they would be great if they were really i…

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