• Theicemancometh0554

    this page is all the crazy ideas i could think of from new monsters to new places it will show everything of what bioshock 3 should be and what should have been better in bishock 1 and 2. just a hub of knowledge and ideas.

    • STORY-/your a c.i.a agent sent from the states to check out strange dissaperents of so many people,you and your team of four are sent to investigate whats happening. your jumped and you wake up in a pool of water with your arm torn to shreds and your team missing, a new MONSTER!!!!!! of rapture has come to power and you will have to overthrow the beast to stop his evil plot form activating project H.Y.D.R.A theres new mechanics to it and a whole lot of new things.


    jack thompson


    the ice man




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