BioShock Infinite has finally come and the adventures in the flying city of Columbia have been a fantastic thrill ride. The setting, time period, character, and theme changes of Bioshock Infinite kept things new and familar all at once, and it helped bring a rush of exciting, new gameplay moments. The game series has established it's own legacy; incorporating dieselpunk elements, strong writing and characterization, and themes to provide a unique storytelling experience. Now that Infinite has finally arrived, we'd like to ask 'What's next?" for the Bioshock series. Where can the game go from here?

What would the future of Bioshock be in your hands? Tell us your ideas about the future of this great franchise. After traveling under the waves to Rapture and above the clouds to Columbia, what would be your ideal setting of the next game? What would be your ideal time period? Any narrative themes or philosophical topics? Tell us your ideas for the Bioshock of Tomorrow with as much detail as possible.

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