These Guys get up close and personal when fighting. They are very rare to fight and very powerful aswell, They only appear in certain Levels. Such as these Fort Frolic, Rapture Zoo, and my two custom levels i have made witch are Tevelias Tea stop Garden ( A sort of small version of Arcadia exculsive to the upper class) And The Mansion ( I have not came up with a true name yet. Its like a Muesum hotel sort of place. Come up with a name and ill give you credit when i make my blogs of this level.)

Research Rewards: Since these guys are rare they give you some good rewards

Level 1: +Damage

Level 2: Fast Feet 2 tonic ( Run even faster!)

Level 3: ++Damage

Level 4: Sprint Tonic ( Allows the player to sprint, Go Figure.)

Level 5: Aero Dash Plasmid

Attacks: These guys appear when The Dance of the sugar plum fairy plays. ( witch plays often.) They attack by spinning and jumping around every where aswell as using aero dash. They deal about as much damage as a rumblers rocket and have as much health as a rosie. These guys also never talk but only laugh. They have only two models one male and the other female. They move by dance and wall jumping every where Making them a hard to hit target.

Upgrades: In later levels these guys wont be too hard anymore. Witch is why they upgrade. The old Dancers still appear doing their moves faster and do more damage.Also they gain new abilitys. Heres a list of the new kinds of Dancers:

Houdini Dancer: Yep, These guys are a little slower than the others, But make up for it by having some wicked dance moves, A powerful mallet and the ability to teleport. They dance and hit you with there mallet. They get tired and throw there mallet to some random place the teleport to there mallet.

Clumsy Dancers: These guys just arent good dancers. They have bombs all over them and when they fall...... KABOOOOOOM ( TF2 Note) They blow up causing alot of damage if the player is near.

Tribal Dancers: These guys are range dancers. The do Hawian or Indian type dances they also wear tiki masks and clothes. These guys have sticks as there weapon witch is very weak. But have the Incinerate!, Geyser and Electro Bolt plasmids to make up for it. These guys have huts set up every where around the rapture zoo. ( Oh yes these guys are exculsive to the rapture zoo.) They do alot of damage when they 1-2 punch you and burn you so kill them fast! They have as much health as a spider splicer.

Notable Dancer Splicers

Aron Cashon- The Antagonist of His own Masion

That ends the dancer splicer post ideas below for more upgrade ideas and thanks for reading ;}

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