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Single Player Plasmids: Sharks Bait

Sharks Bait is a new plasmid for Omicron and Jason to use in my Zeus's Bolt Pack. It is Available At Pontos Aquraium for 90 ADAM

It Turns the Players fingers into Tentacles and A chum ball in the middle. If thrown at a enemy, It causes all enemies in the Area to attack the chumed enemy for 10 seconds. It also makes all enemies ( But the Chumed Enemy ) To be invinsible. They only can die by brutes, series, and big daddys.

Sharks Bait 2: It makes all enemies in a Area to attack the Chumed enemy for 35 seconds,Cost 140 ADAM at Pontos Aquraium

Sharks Bait 3: It makes all enemies in a Area to attack the chumed enemy until the enemy dies. Cost 230 ADAM at Zeus's Point.

Please Critize and thnx for reading

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