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Single Player Plasmids: Aqua Blast

This is a new plasmid in the Zeus's Bolt DLC. This was Deleted from the Real game, But im putting it in this DLC. It turns the Players hand into a Ball of water with a small Squid inside. When thrown at a enemy with wets them for 5 seconds, Blinds them 10 Seconds and Does 10 Damage. It costs 60 ADAM at Pontos Aquraium.

Aqua Blast 2: A ball of water with a squid, Pirhana's, and leches in it. Wets them for 10 seconds, Blinds them for 15 seconds, and does 15 damage on impact and 5 damage over time for 10 seconds. Cost 160 ADAM at Pontos Aquriaum.

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