In this Game Mode you can go back and Explore Areas you Have in the past. You will still have all the weapons and plasmids you have gotten. Go back and do other things you havent in previous levels. I plan Future DLC for this Game Mode.

FlashBack Level Pack

In the flashback pack, You can go explore 6 levels from The first Bioshock. They are Remade with Bioshock Forever Splicer types. You can bring Bioshock Forever weapons and plasmids back to these levels. You can go rome around these old levels go back and meet Sander Cohen Again! Aswell as All my new leadheads are in all of these remade levels


Fort Frolic: Remade with Dancer, Hacker, and Brute splicers

Arcadia: Remade with All new Houdini's and Gasmen splicers Aswell as Rumblers

Hephaestus: Remade with Gasmen splicers and Beta, Gamma, Alpha, Zeta, and Epsilon series

Farmers Market: Remade with Rumblers And Gasmen and Hacker splicers, Aswell as Beta and Gamma series

Neptunes Bounty: Remade with Lancers and Brute, Hacker, And Pharma Splicers

Medical Pavilion: Remade with Gamma and Alpha series and Brute, Pharma, And Hacker splicers

Thats the Flashback pack it cost 560 microsoft Points on xbox 360 and $9.99 on PSN

Rapture Family Level pack

Comes with 6 Remade Levels from Bioshock 2. All levels remade with some new enemies, All have my new leadhead Splicers. All of these levels have at least 2 little Sisters And Even if they didnt have Little sisters before there still there with Mister B


Atlantic Express- Remade with Rosie's and Engineer Splicers and Hacker Splicers and Beta and Iota Series

Ryan Amusements- Remade with Hacker And Engineer splicers

Pauper's Drop- Remade with All series enemies and Gasmen, Hacker, and Engineer

Siren Ally- Remade with Dancer and Hacker Splicers

Dionysus Park- Remade with Gamma, Iota, Zeta, And Epsilon series and Lancer's and Dancer and Hacker Splicers

Fontaine Futuristics- Remade with All Series Enemies and Gasmen and Hacker Splicers

It costs the same price as Flashback pack.

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