Zeus's Point is a fancy Hotel where there are many Restaurants and Store to go too. In the Game You start outside of a Bathysphere and there Food and drinks every where. A ammo, Cirus, and Gathers garden machines. And a Elevator. You go Up the Elevator and go threw Tons of series and then go in another Elevator and head up to the floor where you battle Kappa, But first you must find the four pieces Of the code scattered around the Fancy hotel. After you find the codes you Fight And kill Kappa. The Series Now Obay you. If you Rescued the Sisters you Become ruler of The Series and make them not harm anyone unless they are harmed. In the real ending witch is the Bad ending, Theta becomes Ruler and orders the Series to kill Omicron, But fails and Omicron escapes and has a new enemy, Theta.

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