Titans Tower is a Tall Building, Filled with The Many Restaurants and Shops Found Throughout Rapture. Omicron Finds 3 Alpha Series Searching For ADAM in Eves Garden. They Agree to Help Omicron, If he Agrees to Work for Their Master, Guess who, Sander Cohen. Omicron Agrees. He then Recieves a message from Sander. Sander Cohen: AAAAHHHHH, A new little moth. Well, I cant say much. Right Now..... How About you Find a Bathysphere and Meet Me in Olympus Heights. MMM, Sounds like a Plan.

Enemies: Thuggish Splicers, Houdini, Spider, and Dancer Splicers and Turrets

Big Daddy: 2 Bouncers

Gathers: 6 Bodies, 4 Gathers.

This is A very Challenging Level, With more People, Enemies boost up in Everything! Speed, Damage, Accuracy, And Health. Same goes for Every other Level. It is as Long as Siren Ally without Cheating.

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