Devench Mastore was a beach owner on the surface he was invited to rapture to construct a man made beach in rapture. So, He had him and his men brought down to rapture to start consturction. Using sea water and sand, Plus a machine that would make waves. The beach was very large and had many fine cusine. When The war started Devench was still very sane and had never spliced. This is the second level of my bioshock 3. ( First is Welcome to Rapture..... Again!) So You come into this foggy level when a Thuggish splicer is trying to break the glass. Then Gets shot. You step out and meet Devench. He brings you with him into a dark room. Then asks are you a Man Or A Slave? Then a Big boom happens shaking the room. He hands you a pistol and you walk out and theres Grenade leadheads, Pistol leadheads, Nitros, and thuggish splicers. You kill them and then the water rises up. A being made of water appears asking you to come with her. Then Devench shoots her and asks you to come with him. She then reforms, And Mutants come out of the water. Then A pack of splicers come shoting the mutants. Then You head to a Submarine, The level is flooded and Devench hands you a mask and you go out in the water. Finding A Atlantic Express train and you leave off Devench will meet you again In my next new level.

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