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Single Player Levels: Raptures Eats Factory

The Factory was used to make food and Drinks for the stores of Rapture. Here the player Must kill Sean Cohen. Sean Cohen came here to create a new Base for the Crows.

Enemies: Pistol, Crossbow, Shotgun Leadheads, Thuggish, Brute, Leone, Nitro, and Spider Splicers and Security

Big Daddy: 3 Juicers

Gathers: 6 Gathers, 12 Bodies

When you Find sean, Two Demo Turrets, 5 Spider, 1 Brute, and 10 Thuggish Splicers Attack you. When you find Sean Again He Is no longer a Nitro Splicer like in Bioshock & Bioshock 2. He is a Crossbow Leadhead with Incendiary Bolts. When is Low on Health He Locks the Room Down. A Plasmid Then Falls From the Ceiling, It is Called: Lock-On. When Picked up a Juicer Falls from the Ceiling, The Juicer is, Sean Cohen. Sander then says: Goooood, There both Dead. Return to me Doubters, I mean Little Moth.

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