This area of Rapture was used to Broadcast News and Ads Around Rapture. After you kill Sean and Charly, Sander tells you to Travel to Rapture Broadcast Center. There Cohen Betrays you. He trys to kill you off. Sending out Houdini splicers to kill you. Your goal is to kill Sander Cohen.

Enemies: Pistol, Crossbow, Shotgun Leadheads, Houdini, Dancer, and Leone Splicers

Big Daddys: 2 Juicers

Gathers: 4 Gathers, 6 Bodies

When getting to Cohen, You have the Option to Kill him. If spared he Gives you " Sanders Friend " Plasmid. He then Disapears and Then, You Must Escape Before a Never Ending Swarm of Splicers kill you. When you Escape to Olympus Heights, You get the Ending. And Can play as Omicron in Rapture Explorer Mode aswell as Play the new levels.

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