You return to Olympus Heights in The Sanders Revenge DLC, To go meet Sander. But there are some changes now.

Enemies: Crossbow, Pistol, Grenade Leadheads, Thuggish, Houdini, Brute, and Dancer Splicers

Big Daddys: 3 Rumblers

Gathers: 6 Gathers, Ten Bodies

In This place you Meet Dr.Grant Defucher, A Mad Doctor who is Angry because he was never on the Raptures Best and Brightest Poster. He Locks Mecury Suites down, So you cant get to Cohen. Cohen then Sends you to The Hidden part of Ryan Amusements, Main Street. To kill Grant and Open Mecury Suites. When you Return, You must go Sander Cohens Apartment. He states he must not be seen until show time. He then sends out 10 Houdini splicers to Test you. He then Asks you to Kill Some Pests. Kill Sean and Charly Cohen. Charly is in Harbor Lane and Sean is at Raptures Eats Factory. I dont care who you kill First.

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