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Single Player Levels: Harbor Lane

In this Level you Have to find and kill Charly Cohen. This Level is as Long as Dionysus Park. This Level Also Features the NEW Big Daddy and the New Leone Splicer.

Enemies: Shotgun, Sniper Leadheads, Thuggish, Houdini, Brute, and Leone Splicers and Security

Big Daddy: 3 Juicers

Gathers: 6 Gathers, 12 Bodies

When you Find Charly He Throws A smoke Grenade and Runs Away. Then 15 Leone Splicers, 4 Sniper Leadheads, and 1 Fiery Brute Appear. Finish them off then Charly Appears and Tosses out Proximity Mines and Molotovs. He is Very Challenging and has Much Health as Reed Wahl and Simon Wales.

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