This is the Final Level of the Game, You Walk into a hallway and you see cages. Each With Every single Type of splicer in the game. The Cages open and you kill the splicers. You then Walk into a large room with a couple Couches and to stairs. A Fleet of Enemies come in and you must fight them. A door opens on the second floor, You walk in and see the Water Being. She then sends in 40 mutants. Your Daughter jumps off your back and goes in the middle of the room. The Water Being forms into into a Big sister. You then go threw a hall way of enemies. You kill the enemies then go to a room filled with Little sisters on the side. Big sister comes and you fight her. She has as much health as Fontaine on Hard and A big sister Combined. Kill her then You get out of your suit and run towards your daughter. She then Disappeares and then the Wall and Ceiling Disappeares. Then last the Floor Disappeares. You then fall The screen turns white. The Ending Happens.

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