Turrets get a change in Bioshock Forever.

Change: They have a larger Selection of weapons and Ability. You can Also pick up Hacked Turrets and place then whereever you want. You can Upgrade Turrets once for 100$.

SMG Turret: Same as the first game. Upgrade: Attacks with a Chaingun and Duel SMG's

Rocket Turret: Same as the first game. Upgrade: Has Duel Heat Seeking Rockets

Demo Turret: Shoots out Grenades and Molotovs. Duel Grenade launchers that shoot out Grenades, Smoke Bombs, Molotovs, and Proximity Mines.

Elemental Turret: Shoots out Lightning, Flames, or ice. Upgrade: Shoots out Lightning, Flames, And Ice Storms and Immune to Elemental attacks

Alpha Turret: Has a Rivet gun and Calls in One shotbot with Security Command 2. Upgrade: Uses Duel Rivet Guns and Hypnotizes or Befriends enemies with Hypnotize 3, And Summons two Elite Shotbots to help out with Security Command 3.

Power Turret: Uses A crossbow and uses Insect Swarm. Upgrade: Uses Duel Harpoons and Uses Insect Swarm 3, Telekinesis 2, and Plants traps with Cyclone Trap 3.

Tell me what you think. Witch is your fav and least fav?

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