Thuggish splicers have a big change in Bioshock Forever, And mean BIG.

Research Rewards: Level 1: +Damage

Level 2: Scrounger Tonic

Level 3: Crowbar Thug Tonic ( Same as Wrench Jockey, Only with a Crowbar )

Level 4: ++Damage

Level 5: Crowbar Lurker Tonic ( Same as Wrench Lurker )


Normal: Same as the first 2

Duel Weilders: Duel Weild Machetes, Pipes, and Crowbars

Theifs: Same as Normal, Only they Steal Weapons off the Ground

Elemental: Same as Normal Only Winter Blast, Electro Bolt, And Incinerate! Do not work.

Plasmid: Same as Elemental, Only they use Electro Bolt, Winter Blast, Incinerate!, Telekinesis, Or Rock Luster

Stealth: Same as Theif, Only they Hide, Are More Quiet, Faster, and use Natural Camouflage

In the Welcome To Rapture and Sandyman Beach, They stay the same as Bioshock 2. In Aron Cashons Mansion, They carry Duel Machetes, Pipes, and Crowbars, They also stay the same in Tevelias Tea stop Garden. In Raptures Chemical Compound Facility, They have 2 new Types, Elemental and Theifs. Then Every Level After That as All new types.

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