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Single Player Enemies: Rapture Security Camera's

The Camera's have much changing so lets get started.

Research Rewards: Same as Security Bots and Turrets

Changes: There are now different Types of Camera's around Rapture. You do not upgrade Camera's


Normal: Same Fuction as the first two games. But, They only call in ShotBots and SMG Bots.

Patroll: They Fly around and patroll, Searching For enemies and you. ( Unless Hacked ) Hacking makes them follow you around. They Call in Bots to help out.

Laser: These Call in only Ion Laser Bots And shoot Lasers at you or enemies. They can take the form of Normal and Patroll Camera's.

Stealth: These guys crawl all over the place and Call in ShotBots to attack. When they spot someone They shine no light or make Noise. They also can attack with a staple gun.

Demo: They call in Demo Bots and toss out Grenades, Smoke Bombs, and Molotovs.

Trap: Calls in Power Bot And Shoot out Trap Spears, Proximity Mines, and Mini Turrets.

Elemental: Elemental Attacks dont work on it, It calls in Elemental Bots, and Shoots out Electric, Fire, and ice

Alpha: Much Larger health, Calls in Alpha Bots, and Uses Hypnotize 2 to Hypnotize and Befriend enemies for you.

Thats All and witch is your favorite.

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