Credit To WillbackBakal for (!SOME!) Ideas. So ive recently played threw the New Minerva's Den DLC and i loved it! It gave me tons of new ideas. So lets get started. Raptures Security is still up and running in Bioshock Forever, And there is some new stuff going on with security.

Research Rewards: Level 1: Hardy Machines Tonic

Level 2: +Damage

Level 3: Handyman Tonic

Level 4: ++Damage

Level 5: Can Have up to Three Hacked Security Bots with you

Security Bots: When hacked they fight for you, And now you can care for them! Upgrade them so they get more Health, More Faster, An More powerful. You can upgrade your bots twice. Once for 100$, Then again for 225$.


SMG Bot: Attacks with a SMG. Upgrade 1: Duel SMG's. Upgrade 2: Gatling Gun

Elemental Bot: Shoots out Lightning. Upgrade 1: Shoots out Lightning and Flames. Upgrade 2: Shoots out Lightning, Flames, and Ice.

Demo Bot: Shoots Out Frag Grenades. Upgrade 1: Shoots out Grenades, Smoke Bombs, And Molotovs.Upgrade 2: Shoots out Grenades, Smoke Bombs, Molotovs, Proximity Mines, And Rockets

ShotBot: Attacks with a Pistol. Upgrade 1: Uses Duel Pistols. Upgrade 2: Uses Two Pistols and a Shotgun

Ion Bot: Uses a Ion Laser. Upgrade 1: Uses Duel Ion Lasers. Upgrade 2: Uses Duel Ion Lasers with Thermal Cell and Burst Cell Ammo.

Power Bot: Uses Telekinesis. Upgrade 1: Uses Telekinesis and Insect Swarm. Upgrade 2: Uses Telekinesis 2, Insect Swarm 2, And Places Traps with Cyclone Trap 3.

Alpha Bot: Uses Security Command 2. Upgrade 1: Uses Security Command 2 and Hypnotize (Hypnotizes Enemies fo you). Upgrade 2: Uses Security Command 3 ( Summons in Other Bots to fight for you), Hypnotize 2 ( Befriends And Hypnotizes Enemies for you), And Decoy 3 ( Plants a Decoy for you)

Those are My ideas! Witch one is your Favorite?

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