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Single Player Enemies: Gasmen Splicers

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Gasmen Splicers are splicers with miner Armor and gas masks.

Attacks: They Carry Chemical throwers with all types of ammo

Grenades: They carry Smoke grenades

Upgrades: These guys will get much more powerful at there Upgrade point in the game. They get a New gun called the "Thrower" That has a larger range and deals much more damage. Will shoot out Flames, Lightning, and icicles instead of Electric, Fire, And Ice. The also have a new poison gas grenade.

Research Rewards: Level 1: Walking Inferno Tonic

Level 2: +Damage

Level 3: Poison Storm Tonic

Level 4: ++Damage

Level 5: Gas Fume

Notable Gasmen Splicers

Dice- The Antagonist of Raptures Chemical Compound Facility.

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