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Single Player Enemies: Alpha series

Ok you know these guys. They are basicly crazy. And even though Fontaine Futuristics is gone dosnt mean they are. These guys return in my version of bioshock 3 and there more of a threat now. In bioshock 3 you play as a human making these guys harder. But later theyll be easy peasy. Why Not upgrade? I also think they need new research rewards. How do they return? Some where ( Beyond The Sea) in Hephaestus there making more. New series.

Research Rewards: Level 1: +Damage

Level 2: Elemental Sponge tonic

Level 3: ++Damage

Level 4: Elemental Storm tonic

Level 5: Armored Shell tonic

Upgrades: Lets meet the new series

Beta series: Uses only a drill and winter blast and emutes a burst of ice. Upgrade: Uses Duel drills with freezing drill tonic

Research Rewards: Level 1: +Damage

Level 2: Drill Power tonic

Level 3: Drill Lurker tonic

Level 4: ++Damage

Level 5: Freezing Drill tonic

Gamma series: Uses a machine gun and electro bolt. Upgrade: Duel machine guns.

Research Rewards: Level 1: +Damage

Level 2: Electrical Storm tonic

Level 3: ++Damage

Level 4: EVE Link tonic

Level 5: Electric Flesh Tonic

Zeta series: Uses a large Crossbow and Incinerate!. Upgrade: Uses Duel Crossbows with Incendiary bolts

Research Rewards: Level 1: Walking Inferno tonic

Level 2: +Damage

Level 3: Fire Storm tonic

Level 4: ++Damage

Level 5: Elemental Vampire tonic

Epsilon series: Uses a launcher and telekinesis. Upgrade Duel Launchers and telekinesis. ( Preety hard.)

Research Rewards: Level 1: +Damage

Level 2: EVE saver tonic

Level 3: Head Hunter tonic

Level 4: ++Damage

Level 5: Demanding Father tonic

Well that ends it. ( If your wondering why there drill tonics is because you become a big daddy along the way and get the drill.)

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