In the Zeus's Bolt Level Pack you Can Gain 2 new weapons, 2 new Plasmids, 3 new levels, 4 new Enemy type, And you can go back to these Levels in the Rapture Explorer Mode!

New Weapon 1: Harpoon

New Weapon 2: FlintLock

New Plasmid 1: Sharks Bait

New Plasmid 2: Aqua Blast

New Level 1: Fontaine Court

New Level 2: Pontos Aquraium

New Level 3: Zeus's Point

New Enemy 1 Type: Iota Series

New Enemy 2 Type: Chi Series

New Enemy 3 Type: Engineer Splicer

New Enemy 4 Type: Armored/Badass Splicer

Story: You Play as Subject Omicron, But you Can go back into these Levels in Rapture Explorer Mode as Jason. He is on a quest to kill a another Alpha series, Subject Kappa. He is revived By Subject Theta to kill the evil Subject Kappa. Omicron and Theta have to go threw hordes of enemies to get To Zeus's Point and Kill Kappa. This also acts as a Co-op Mini Campaign, Player 1 plays as Subject Omicron and Player 2 plays as Subject Theta. If There is no Player 2, Theta will act as a CPU.

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