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Single Player DLC: Sander's Revenge

If you thought Zeus's Bolt Sounds cool, Read this. Sander Returns! I will give out more info inabout a Month, Little Moths.

Comes with 6 New Levels ( One Old and 5 New.), 1 new Tonic, 2 New Enemies, New Weapons, 2 new Plasmids, and a 4 player Co-Op Mode!

New Level 1: Tintans Tower

New Level 2: Olympus Heighrs

New Level 3: Main Street

New Level 4: Harbor Lane

New Level 5: Rapture Eats Factory

New Level 6: Rapture Broadcast Center

New Tonic 1: Instant Piano Prodigy

New Enemy 1: Juicer

New Enemy 2: Leone Splicer

New Weapons: All Weapons from Bioshock 2 but, Hack tool and Spear gun.

New Plasmid 1: Lock-On

New Plasmid 2: Sanders Friend

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