Kappa is a evil Dictator of Zeus's Point. He wants all alpha series to rise up and kill splicer, Leaving only Big daddys, series, and littl sisters. He is the only Alpha series Besides Theta to speak. He needs to be stopped because he wishes to bring splicers to the surface rather than killing them. Kappa Teams up with splicers to bring them to the surface to Cause Havoc. He must be stopped!


You battle Kappa in a room in Zeus's Point. He is Protected by Two Brutes, 2 Rockets turrets, 2 Missle bots, and 1 of each series enemy. First you should Hynotize A brute or series And hack the turrets. He is armed with a Ion Laser and A Fully Upgraded Launcher. His bots are inhackable and security command dosnt work on them. He has the health of 2 big sisters and fontaine on easy combined.

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