Subject Omicron Returns in this DLC. This time he has Friends. In this Co-op Campaign You and your 3 friends do some dirty work for Sander Cohen. If you Havnt Bought Zeus's Bolt, You will gain Acess to the Harpoon and Aqua Blast And All the New things in this DLC. If you Have Bought Zeus's Bolt, You Can by Sharks Bait and Its upgrades at a Gathers Garden. Common in My DLC, You will be Able to use the New stuff in Rapture Explorer Mode. Lets Get Started on the Story. After Omicron Escapes His old pal, Subject Theta, Nearly Losing all his Weapons and Plasmids. He is Left With The Harpoon and Aqua Blast 1. He finds him Self in Titans Tower, This is Shopping Center Of Rapture. He is Locked in a Room With Three Alpha series. He Manages to Make Contact and Help Omicron on his Adventures.

Subject Omicron: Starts out with Harpoon and Aqua Blast

Subject Digamma: Starts out with Shotgun and Insect Swarm

Subject Sampi: Starts out with Gatling Gun and Winter Blast

Subject Heta: Starts out with Launcher And Incinerate!

More Info Soon..

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