Tevelias Tea stop Garden is my new level idea. It was founded my Maria Tevelia a local tea seller who later became rich and famous around rapture. She created the tea stop garden as a result and became very wealthy. She made it for the upper class rapturians to enjoy tea and bakery food. When ADAM came along she started putting ADAM in her tea to become even richer. But one day when the civil war started she locked the place down trapping them all inside and forcing them to eat her food and drink her tea. After awhile everyone was so spliced that they went mad. This is also another home to the saturine cult witch maria is the leader of. In this level the player will work for a rebel group of sane people to kill the saturine. The player first must kill the saturine cheif then travel underwater to get to saturine home center. The player must travel through and kill 5 dancer splicers to get to the end of the level and kill maria.

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