This Game Mode returns in Bioshock Forever. You can now choose from six different Challenge Rooms. You play as Sander Cohen's New Little Moth, John Dartch. Sander Cohen is making you go threw some new tests now.

Challenge 1: " Beach Ball "

Map: SandyMan BoardWalk

Goal: Carry a Beach Ball with Telekinesis to the Finish with out Dropping it

Weapon: Crowbar

Plasmid: Telekinesis

Enemies: Thuggish Splicers and Turrets

Challenge 2: " Hide N' Houdini's "

Map: Tevelias Tea Stop Garden

Goal: Find And Kill All Houdini Splicer's Before Five Minutes is up

Weapons: Shotgun and Elephant Gun

Plasmids: Scout and ElectroBolt

Enemies: All Houdini Splicer Types

Challenge 3: " Hit And Run "

Map: Rapture Zoo

Goal: Kill all 30 Enemies in 3 minutes

Enemies: Grenader Leadheads and Nitro Splicers

Weapons: Shotgun and Grenade Launcher

Plasmids: Incinerate!

Challenge 4: " Big Blisster "

Map: Hades Pit

Goal: Battle and kill Three Big sisters

Enemies: Big Sisters

Weapons: Rifle, Tommy Gun, Staple Gun, Crossbow, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, And Nail Gun

Plasmids: Winter Blast, Telekinesis, Insect Swarm, Incinerate!, Electro Bolt, and Rock Luster

Challenge 5: " Big Daddy Brawl "

Map: Rapture Chemical Compound Facility

Goal: Kill the Four Big Daddys in 4 minutes

Enemies: Bouncer, Rosie, Rumbler, And Lancer

Weapons: Pistol

Plasmids: Electro Bolt, Winter Blast, And Hypnotize 3

Challenge 6: " Some Tuff Stuff "

Map: Rapture Sewer Complex

Goal: Kill all 100 Enemies

Enemies: All Enemies in the game, But DLC Enemies

Weapons: All fully Upgraded Weapons, But Harpoon and Flintlock

Plasmids: All Fully Upgraded Plasmids, But Aqua Blast and Sharks Bait

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