" It was all a dream, Every Last bit. A dream. A dream that means somthing. Somthing Good, It means that i must Return to Rapture to finish my sins. It means that i will help someone. That is Dying to find his little one. And Stop a evil Person from Controlling Rapture and bringing it to Desurction. He will finish his Nobal mission. As the man in my Dream has. I have hope, Like Jack did."- Dr. Tenenbaum

Bad Ending

"Attention, Family i had a dream. A man will come searching for his " Daughter". Witch is our Salvation, Eleanor. We must stop this beast. Unless you do not wish the utopia Dream, You will kill this beast. Do it for Eleanor. Do it for Salvation. Do it For Paradise. He will have partners that will try to stop us. Do not let Them get the best of you. We Can Do this, Together."- Dr. Lamb

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