" I am a Man! A True Warrior Fears Nothing. My Cousin Failed with Rapture. That is why, Im Unleashing Lasmoore on the World." - Jasper Ryan

The City of Lasmoore Failed to Recreate what Rapture Failed at.

ADAM is now Glute. Glute is Orange not red

EVE is now Power Supplier. It is Purple

Little Sisters are now Glushies. Glushies are Five Types of Animals with a Robotic Syringe Up there ass that sucks up Glute. Animals are Cats, Dogs, Frogs, Komoto Dragon, and Chicken

Protectors are now Guardians or For Big Daddy Terms, Big Cousins ( Because there the Cousins of Big Daddies )

Splicers RETURN! Because Glute is the same thing as ADAM

Plasmids are now Handies or Helpful Hand Power-Ups

Gene Tonics RETURN!

Radios and Audio Diaries RETURN!

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