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Like Willbackbakal, ill be working on my multiplayer and enemies before i start on the singleplayer.








Killstreak Rewards:

Similair to the Call of Duty games, B:N will have killstreak rewards

3 killstreaks: Auto-Hack: Hacks every machine in the map for you or your team

Disable-All!: Disables all machines for an entire match.

5 killstreaks: Chill Wave: Freezes all enemys for a minute

Missle Attack: Three missles target three enemies on the map

Sinclair Strike: Similair to the RC-XD, you controll a remote airplane with bombs on it

7 killstreak: Chaingun: A chaingun with unlimited ammo that lasts until you die

Daddy UP!: Become a Rumbler

9 killstreaks: Crawler Ambush: five Spider Splicers enter the map and attack enemys until they all die

Prototype: A Alpha Series enters the map and attacks enemys until death

Thug Mug: 15 thuggish splicers attack enemy players

11 killstreak: Andrews Power: Poisin fills the map killing all enemy players

Weapons: Coming soon

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