This place is my new custom level. In this you enter a mansion, No splicers are found. You get a radio message telling you to go to the kitchen. When you get there, Two friendly turrents and a Cam. you go to the kitchen. And meet a man named Demonch Castrona, A french cook. He says theres no time to talk and gives you 100 ADAM and ammo. Then 10 dancers appear and fight you. This is a hard but fun Mission, Beating dancers to Dance of the sugar plum fairy. Then you are told to kill all splicers up to the 4th floor. In this level there are only Thuggish, Brute, Dancer, and crossbow and machine gun leadhead splicers. After you clear the floors you get a message from Democh sending up 2 other chefs to you. Then you get a message from Aron Cashon. Stating that the show is about to start. Aron cashon is a crazy actor thinking people are critics or audience members. You then go down stairs and then purple mist starts and masks come down. BTW this guy is like sander cohen along with maria. Then 9 dancers come. Killing them will trigger 2 brutes and aron will come down. So you have to kill them. Once aron comes down he sends 2 brutes down to kill the " Critics". So kill them then aron shall appear and start dancing to beyond the sea. ( Yes he is a dancer type, Also has his own model/skin.) When you attack him he fights you. He is a Normal dancer type and has as much health as simon wales. So you kill him then Grab the key from his corpse then lastly give it Democh. He then opens the way to the atlantic express. Then your off to the next level. Witch is my next custom level. Also the place where you meet Hacker splicers.

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