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    Like Willbackbakal, ill be working on my multiplayer and enemies before i start on the singleplayer.








    Killstreak Rewards:

    Similair to the Call of Duty games, B:N will have killstreak rewards

    3 killstreaks: Auto-Hack: Hacks every machine in the map for you or your team

    Disable-All!: Disables all machines for an entire match.

    5 killstreaks: Chill Wave: Freezes all enemys for a minute

    Missle Attack: Three missles target three enemies on the map

    Sinclair Strike: Similair to the RC-XD, you controll a remote airplane with bombs on it

    7 killstreak: Chaingun: A chaingun with unlimited ammo that lasts until you die

    Daddy UP!: Become a Rumbler

    9 killstreaks: Crawler Ambush: five Spider Splicers enter the map and at…

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    Here is a list of weapons in Bioshock: Nightmare. There is a total of twelve weapons.

    Calvary Sword:

    Mauser C96:

    Grease Gun:


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    Bioshock: Nightmare

    December 10, 2010 by Splicedupdrunk

    " Andrew my dear boy, Although me to tell you your fantastic future! You will be a great ruler and destory a city to build your own. Greater than any other city. You will flee russia and the rest of the world. Your city will fall and you will die with honor to not see the horrible future of your city. Now off to bed. Who knows, Im just telling a story. Just remember, We all make choices, But in the end our choices make us. " - Francis Ryan

    This is the central hub for B:N.


    Takes place in a dream of Andrew Ryan in rapture in 1962

    Main Characters:

    Borinski Davis: Main Protagonist

    Talia Wenmire: Main Antagonist

    Bob Pinash: Sinclair Counter-Part/ Guide

    Andrew Ryan


    Cody Whittmare: Talia's General

    Kira Barnav: Talia's Assistant

    Francis Ryan: A…

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    In this piece of DLC for Bioshock Forever, You return back to the the Main Protagonist, Jason. You also can get a little taste of what some Enemies and Weapons in Bioshock: Unlimited MIGHT be like. More info starting on 10-18-10.

    New Plasmid 1: TBA

    New Plasmid 2: TBA

    New Plasmid 3: TBA

    New Plasmid 4: TBA

    New Tonic 1: TBA

    New Tonic 2: TBA

    New Enemy 1: TBA

    New Enemy 2: TBA

    New Enemy 3: TBA

    New Enemy 4: TBA

    New Weapon 1: TBA

    New Weapon 2: TBA

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    September 6, 2010 by Splicedupdrunk

    Lasmoore is the city that Bioshock: Unlimited takes place in. It was created by Andrew Ryans cousin, Jasper Ryan. Jasper wanted to make a city without the Mistakes the Rapture and its People made. It Started being built in 1959 and Finished in 1968 (Notice anything?). Glute was Made in 1970, It was Found From a Pure Orange Armadilo. People started splicing and that followed to the same side effects as ADAM. In 1972 September 25th the city had its downfall. By the hands of Bandits In a shoot out that started a war. The war ended in 1973 and a Goverment agent was sent to locate the city and Investagate.

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