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Memorable Moment in ''BioShock'' and/or ''BioShock 2''

Moments can be scary,funny, saddening,etc.

  • (ok, if someone has this already, i didn't see it and i'm sorry for copying)

^ this is a worry for me. this is the first blog i've written, and i think i copied someone. :(

  • Everyone has moments which they want to remember in gaming, right?

For me, they're scary moments or moments i *think* are funny, but they're not meant to be.

For example- Who has seen the dentist in Medical Pavilion? Or the Plastered Splicer in Fort Frolic?

This is irrelevant but for things i want to see again and again, i save before i see it, so when i load the file,

I see what the moment is. (ex. i saved in front of Sinclair Spirits to see the Splicers).

Anyone have moments like that? (i explained vaguely)

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