I assume that you played Burial at Sea - Episode 2, but SPOILERS ahead. Anyway, the audio diary "Building the Impossible!" has a new character model for Andrew Ryan , which sadly suggests that he was supposed to be in BaSE2, but was cut thanks to time and money.

This annoys me because I would have loved to see Andrew Ryan in the new episode... And he was not the only thing that was cut, ex The Jockey Splicer, it even had a character model made. I wonder what else they cut, I assume Brigid Tenenbaum and the Kashmir Restaurant was in the plans but that was cut as well, suggested by "BaSE1". (or was never intended).

But to my main point: To my understanding every BioShock game has been altered thanks to budget cuts and time, (ex the Rapture Zoo, ghosts in Bio2 and more functions with Tears) and thanks to that the experience was not as good as it could have been

(don't get me wrong, I love BioShock and have the deepest respect for the series and its creators!).

Me myself wouldn't have had any problem with waiting another month or two for the release of the games/DLC, if the game would have been altered in a better way and if money was the problem, I would have happily donated money through a "Kick Starter" or something, but nothing like that was, sadly made.

And now that we have said our Goodbyes to the franchise (I know, there's still a chance that Bioshock might return, but you know what I mean...), It feels like we could have gotten something more....

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