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So, you're back to Rapture to complete some kind of mission. Thing is, you're gonna get your plasmids/tonics/weapons at the beginning. Other thing is - you aren't getting any more in the game.

You get:
3 plasmid slots
3 weapons
4 gene tonics

You can choose from any and all existing Bioshock games or DLCs, and they can be the fully upgraded versions. What would you get and why?

I think I'd get:
Telekinesis3 - super useful for getting stuff at a distance (duh)
Electro-Bolt3 - one-two punch, opening doors, electrocuting water
Incinerate!3 = probably my most used offensive plasmid in both games
Cyclone Trap 3 - I like traps, plus it's hi-larious!

Drill - melee weapon
Rivet gun - multi-ammo, including trap rivets
Remote Hack Tool - mmmm, hacking stuff

Gene Tonics:
Armored Shell 2 - well, reducing damage
Natural Camouflage - I like to hide
Elemental Storm - free enemy damage
Careful Hacker 2 - cause you needs to hack stuff

subject to change when I hear other people's better ideas

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