• Roygbiv666

    Back to Rapture

    August 28, 2010 by Roygbiv666

    So, you're back to Rapture to complete some kind of mission. Thing is, you're gonna get your plasmids/tonics/weapons at the beginning. Other thing is - you aren't getting any more in the game.

    You get:
    3 plasmid slots
    3 weapons
    4 gene tonics

    You can choose from any and all existing Bioshock games or DLCs, and they can be the fully upgraded versions. What would you get and why?

    I think I'd get:
    Telekinesis3 - super useful for getting stuff at a distance (duh)
    Electro-Bolt3 - one-two punch, opening doors, electrocuting water
    Incinerate!3 = probably my most used offensive plasmid in both games
    Cyclone Trap 3 - I like traps, plus it's hi-larious!

    Drill - melee weapon
    Rivet gun - multi-ammo, including trap rivets
    Remote Hack Tool - mmmm,…

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  • Roygbiv666

    New Old Music Fans?

    August 23, 2010 by Roygbiv666

    Did anyone become fans of "old" music because of BioShock? I'm thinking of mainly young people you'd expect to listen to music no more than a few months old now being fans of, like, Patti Paiges' "How Much Is That Doggy In the Window". Anyone?

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  • Roygbiv666

    I'm on my ... 4th playthrough of the first game, played Bioshock 2 ... 2-3 times. How about you?

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  • Roygbiv666

    What, exactly, are the Splicers splicing? The only ones that seem to manifest the use of a Plasmid are the Houdini Splicers, who have the ability to turn invisible. Other than that - what are they doing to themselves with the ADAM? Is it just Gene Tonics, like resistance to electrical attack?

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