Many people say that Bioshock 2 is one really awesome game. I agree with them on that part. Most people get into the nature of Bioshock. How it is constructed, the people you fight, weapons, Rapture in general is one major place that will never be forgotten. One thing I cannot stand is to hear people bang up the multiplayer like it is the worst ever.

The multi isnt bad actually, you just have to get into it. Leveling up is everything in it, besides the fact that you should stay alive and get kills. People say that it is unbalanced, as if its like everyone is stronger than you, but the makers fixed that with leveling up. Of course it is everything, so when you get killed, your'e going to get ADAM to level you up. Even if you died 100s of times, but never got a kill, you'd still level up for just being in the arena.

The leveling up isnt as hard as you would think. It gradually increases your amt of adam everytime you gain a level, but will stop at 4000 adam to continue leveling. The main problem i actually have with this multiplayer is that most people seem to be hacking it. Where as you use a whole clip to kill someone, they can slap you with a bowling trophy and you'd die. That would be my only complaint.

I do love this multiplayer, and this multiplayer will keep most people busy once they start playing. Its just a matter of if you can stand getting killed over and over again. Other than that, this has to be one of my favorite multiplayers.

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