This blog is a repository for a little side-project of mine.I have this idea in my head for a Bioshock game set in Antarctica, in a city hidden under the ice.  If possible, I'll bend my limited drawing ability to the task of providing some visuals.  For now this is a placeholder.  I'll be expanding it more later.

Bioshock: Inheritance

Like all Bioshock games, there must be a city.  In this case it is the city of Sanctum, built beneath the ice of Antarctica during the seventies by the vision of a Ukrainian man named Mykola Kushnir, made a reality by his daughter, Nadiya Kushnir.  Mykola was a proponent of communism, but rejected the implementation of the Soviet Union and as an early computer scientist, dreamed of a day when no man would hold power over any other, when the workings of society could be organized by machines instead of allowing fallable men to take the positions of power.  He died in hiding from the Soviet government, but his vision lived on in his daughter who pursued her father's research into creating an intelligence advanced enough to run a society.

I'll add more later.  This isn't going to be a Man vs. Machine story, I feel I must say.

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