• Ravenfirelight

    This blog is a repository for a little side-project of mine.I have this idea in my head for a Bioshock game set in Antarctica, in a city hidden under the ice.  If possible, I'll bend my limited drawing ability to the task of providing some visuals.  For now this is a placeholder.  I'll be expanding it more later.

    Like all Bioshock games, there must be a city.  In this case it is the city of Sanctum, built beneath the ice of Antarctica during the seventies by the vision of a Ukrainian man named Mykola Kushnir, made a reality by his daughter, Nadiya Kushnir.  Mykola was a proponent of communism, but rejected the implementation of the Soviet Union and as an early computer scientist, dreamed of a day when no man would hold power over any other,…

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