• Rapture Historian

    Counterfeit copies of the Breaking the Mold artbook have been spotted on eBay - this is a public service announcement from Rapture.

    Someone out there is making a nice profit by misrepresenting and illegally selling fake copies of Breaking the Mold.

    It kills me that fans may have bought these copies without knowing it, and unfortunately there's no way to warn people on eBay.

    If this info can be spread, and linked as a warning on the Breaking the Mold page, it would be appreciated, to help warn our fan community.

    The first seller is 555canada and the second seller is playcanada.

    The first auction shows 6 sold for $49.99 with 1 more available, and who knows how many more have been sold already.

    The second auction from a different seller has the SAM…

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