• Pawn of Atlas

    After I finished Burial at Sea Episode 1 and 2, I realized that there are lots of contradiction in audio diaries. Main problems of BaS audio diaries are this : (1) Date of prisonalization of Fontaine's + (2) Release date of first drinkable Plasmids. Let's talk about the former one first.

    "When Ryan take over Fontaine Futuristics, scene of terrible violence. Splicers burning each other to bits. Lucky ones not killed, sent to department store prison instead. Suchong think he dead man, too... But then, Ryan comes to Suchong and says, "Suchong want to be buried in filthy store? Or Suchong want to make good salary, work for Ryan?" "How much salary?" ask Suchong. This Ryan find very funny."

    = October the 17th, 1958''

    - Yi Suchong

    According to audio…

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  • Pawn of Atlas

    Burial at Sea was released, and lots of things about Rapture and Columbia were revealed. But, there is huge problem : contradiction between Bioshock 2 and Burial at Sea. We should not touch the Rapture Storyline or Timeline before we finish this problem. What is your idea?

    P.S. Don't bring up nonsense opinions like Bioshock 2 is not canon because Ken Levine didn't make it bla bla bla or Burial at Sea is not canon bla bla bla.

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