Since this particular question had been put on hold since the release of the game, I feel we should finally decide how to organize the various levels/locations of BioShock Infinite.

The main issue we are encountering so far is what can be considered a major level/chapter, and what is simply a map inside those levels. As opposed to the previous games in the series which had one map per location or district, usually featuring a single theme or main objective, Infinite is mostly a bunch of maps succeeding to one after another, with no real notion of chapters either and making some districts bigger than others. For example, all areas from Battleship Bay to the First Lady's Aerodrome are in fact parts of the Soldier's Field theme park, though what is called Soldier's Field as you explore it in-game is just two maps. Listing levels per district would mean having too much informations on a few pages, since the only real district encountered in-game are Welcome Center, Monument Island, Soldier's Field, Finkton and Emporia (Comstock House is anchored to it). Listing only 5 levels in a template is really too few, compared to those of BioShock and BioShock 2.

Now, what I'd like to propose is listing levels according to how the official strategy guide does, with a few exceptions. The reason being is that in this way, levels (or chapters) are neither too big nor small, and so we can condense informations on enough pages without overloading them. The result, without linking it on the main location template, would look like that:

Now for a detailed list of what contains what:

The Lighthouse
Welcome Center
Garden of New Eden
New Eden Square
The Faigrounds (where we get Possession)
Raffle Square
Path of the Scroll (just after seeing the Luteces and their coin-flip test)
Shady Lane
Comstock Center Rooftops
The Blue Ribbon
The Freight Hooks
Lansdowne Residence
Montgomery Residence
Fraternal Order of the Raven
Monument Island
Monument Island Gateway
Monument Tower
Specimen Observation
Battleship Bay
Upper Boardwalk
The Arcade
Park Ticketing
Gondola Station
Soldier's Field (which acts as a hub between the Bay and the Hall)
Soldier's Field Welcome Center
The Fellow Traveller
Patriot's Pride Pavilion
First Lady's Aerodrome (because it's not really a map by itself)
Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes Plaza
Peking Exhibit
Wounded Knee Exhibit
First Lady's Memorial
Gift Shop
Finkton Docks
Beggar's Wharf
Fort Franklin
Induction Center Terrace
Finkton Proper (acting as a hub between the docks, Shantytown and the factory)
Worker Induction Center
Plaza of Zeal
Gunsmith Shop
Good Time Club
Graveyard Shift
Bull Yard (the area in front of the police station)
Bull House Impound (the station)
Office of Jeremiah Fink
Factory Rooftops
Port Prosperity
Grand Central Depot
Salty Oyster
Founders Books
Downtown Emporia
Financial District
Harmony Way
Victory Square
Market District
Memorial Gardens
Lutece Labs
Magical Melodies
Cunningham Studios
Bank of the Prophet
Comstock House
Her Loving Embrace
Where We Sleep
Where We Work
Warden's Office
Operating Theater (I think that's the Surgery described in the guide)
Comstock House Roof
Hand of the Prophet
Hangar Bay
Engineering Deck
Command Deck
Sea of Doors

So this brings the number of chapters to 16, which I believe is good enough to represent the length of the game. Now if you approve (or not) this listing, please be free to add any comment to this blog. Just be aware that I'd like to solve this problem once and for all before the release of Burial at Sea.

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