I'm making this blog post to get everyone's attention on the matter of the removed content pages, namely BioShock Removed Content, BioShock 2 Removed Content and BioShock Infinite Removed Content.

Name change

The first point I'd like to address is the title of these pages.

It has been brought twice to my attention that those titles can be misleading, as all stuff listed are not just removed content. Some of them are unused concepts, others aborted game versions and lore/story script, and sometimes you can't really tell if a specific concept was actually implemented in the game at least once (for example, before the Museum of Orphaned Concepts the Aggressor NPCs were only known as concepts from BioShock: Breaking the Mold, not actual 3D models).

That is why I would like to see the name of those pages changed from "Removed Content" to either "Concepts and Removed Content," "Unused Concepts and Removed Content" or anything else which can carry both meanings. Other propositions are "Developmental Content" and "Development Versions and Concepts." It would be great if we could debate together which title sounds the best, or find a better one.

Page display for the removed content

The second point is the layout of the pages itself. They look crowded and are not necessarily easy to navigate, especially with Infinite, and that is because of the huge amount of stuff we keep digging up (6 years of development content isn't nothing). That is why I'd like to split each removed content pages into multiple ones, based on their main sections. For example:

  • BioShock Removed Content
    • BioShock Removed Content/Mechanics and Gameplay Elements
    • BioShock Removed Content/Levels
    • BioShock Removed Content/Characters
    • BioShock Removed Content/Enemies
    • BioShock Removed Content/Items
    • BioShock Removed Content/Plasmids and Gene Tonics
    • Etc...

If you're not familiar with subpages, this is one: User talk:Pauolo/Archive 1. As you can see, there's a link back to the main page displayed under its title. With this, navigation remains clear and we don't have the equivalent of a small artbook crammed into a single page. However, it would be an exception with how pages are written on the wiki, and so not necessarily the best idea.

As an alternative, we could use tabbers just like on the pages Factory, Housewares and Machine Gun (Rapture). While using tabbers would help make the pages more organized and less long to navigate, they only work on the desktop version of the wiki. Honestly this is only a concern to keep Wikia off our back about making everything mobile-friendly.

Share your thoughts

Anyway, I would really like you all on the wiki to take a look on both points and give your opinion. It will also make adding new stuff to these pages easier.

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