Hello everybody!! I hope everybody is having a great start with 2013!!! Its time for the recent Bioshock related news...

Scott Homer an artist from a UK studio called CryTek has been developing the lastest engine currently at use, the CryEngine 3.  With the toolset of this complex engine Homer was able to recreat a section of a level from the original Bioshock game from 2007, replacing the Unreal Engine 2.5 with the newer CryEngine3. Below are some of the images from Bioshock using the CryEngine3. Now Rapture looks more sleeker, darker, and  overall better looking picture while the big daddy looks more badass than usual, don't you think? An exsample of a game that uses this technology is Far Cry 3. So do you guys think Bioshock looks better with CryEngine3 or back to its orginal form??? 

Recently I've found out gamestop and Amazon are selling Bioshock Infinite strategy guides, one regular paperback and a limited edition hardcover with exclusive cover art and a 4" keychain replica of the "bird cage key" used by Booker to open Elizabeth's locked door!!! These guides cover walkthroughs with illustrated maps of the areas, tips and tactics for every weapon and ability on the hardest difficulty. This guide could be yours in 3/18/13 at about $36.99 for LE while the regular paperback is 21.99. But I'm not sure if it is confrimed yet mostly all of the information here has been posted on gamestop and amazon no word from Irrational or Brandy games in which gamestop claims are the ones publishing both guides. Will any of you guys buy this guide???  

On the Bioshock Infinite site Irrational has posted that they are selling limited pieces of lithograph of exclusive art that the sample image below of the Colombia Boardwalk(which looks like the same area as the recent image I've posted). Only 100 of these art will be given away and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity, Ken Levine's siganture, and frame to put your exclusive art in to showcase it. I do not know if all 100 of the lithographs are all the same I hope that they are varied. The cost of these pieces of art is $200.00 thats a lot... Well I still need to save up for Bioshock Infinite so I'll pass on this art piece... 

Thats all for the recent news love to see some comments about your opinions on this.  


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