In recent news, Cosplayer Anna Moleva was hired by Irrational to be the face of Elizabeth for Live action trailers and other various jobs in Irrational. Anna Moleva  loves cosplaying making costumes such as Ivy from Batman and Empress Jassamine from Dishonered as well as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite then she shows  off creations. Kevin Levine states that he loves the way Anna Moleva portrayes Elizabeth through her acting and costume. What are your thoughts about this???

Post VGA News: During The VGAs Jack Black announces a surprise Nominations for "Best Game of the Decade" as part of their 10th anniversity of the VGAs. The original Bioshock was nominated as well as Mass Effect, WoW, Batman, and many other games. Only to lose its place to Half-Life 2. While Bioshock Infinite was voted 2nd "Most Anticiapated Game" losing to GTA 5.

In other news, Kevin Levine has clarified that talks between take-two Interactive and Sony about a Bioshock game on the PS Vita is developing. Kevin Levine also states that it won't be a port but an entirely new game just for the platform.

Last news of the day: PS Plus members are able to download Bioshock 2 for "Free" starting Dec 4th. Plus Bioshock infinite PS3 version will include the original Bioshock only available in North America. It should  also be noted that the official Bioshock Infinite case also says "move compatible" on the PS3 version.

1C5033228-bioshock-1 streams desktop medium

Anna Moleva(right) portrays Elizabeth (left)

BioShock Infinite - VGA 2012 World Premiere03:30

BioShock Infinite - VGA 2012 World Premiere

What do you guys think about Bioshock Infinite so far???

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