Warning to all people who pre-ordered BioShock Infinite at Best Buy there has been a glitch with Best Buy's pre-ordering system, resulting in the cancelation of 3,000 BioShock Infinite pre-orders . Though it's fixable, Best Buy will contact anyone who pre-ordered BioShock Infinite from their store via email or phone call. If you pre-ordered from Best Buy and don't want to miss the awesomness of BioShock Infinite during launch date, make sure you check your order. Also Best Buy is offering a $10 gift card to any customer who has been affected by this glitch...           

In other news, the Irrational  store has been updated with Lithographs(11x14) of Songbird, Charles, and Handyman each about $25 and $65 as a trio set. A limited edition of the trio lithographs will be availible with both Ken Levine's and Robb Watter's  signature for $150. Only 100 of each lithograph is availible pick one up today! Aso Irrational games has posted that the BioShock Infinite The Ultimate Songbird Edition is almost sold out, Gamestop and Amazon has none left. Many Songbird Editions are in Ebay for twice their worth! The Premium Edition of Bioshock Infinite is still being offered but still in limited quantities so if you want some awesome collectibles with your game better pre-order it fast!!! Which BioShock Infinite edition are you guys getting??? Will you get the Strategy Guide with it???

The video below is a quick tour of the "Museum of Orphaned Concepts" only available in the Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition....
A tour of the BioShock Museum of Orphaned Concepts03:15

A tour of the BioShock Museum of Orphaned Concepts

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