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    Want to be immortalized in the BioShock Infinite Game??? Have you started playing Clash in the Clouds DLC yet??? If not maybe this news will motivate you!!! Irrational is hosting a Contest and the Winners, who would be randomly picked, will have his/her name in the BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2. 

    How to Enter?

    You Must complete all the Blue Ribbon Challenges in Clash in Clouds DLC by August 27, 2013 at 9am Eastern Time.

    When does this Contest End???

    August 27, 2013 at 9am Eastern Time!!!

    How many Winners will there be???

    There will be 3 winners!!!

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    Hello fellow wiki editiors I am back at editing again. I became MIA during the Mass of editors in the BioShock wiki. So a topic I wanted to bring out is Warner Bros hiring Ken Levine to write the screenplay for a remake of a 1976 film "Logan's Run." Will this hinder his attention on BioShock Infinite's DLC??? Would it affect the DLC's deadlines? Do we have wait longer for the DLC's to be released?? What is your opinion on this let me know in the comments below??? Alright thats all I have to say Ciao!!!

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    On Monday, March 25th, GameStop stores all over the U.S. and EB Game Stores in Canada will be holding a Midnight Opening for the launch of BioShock Infinite. To make this event special Irrational are sending their developers to these 5 key locations(Look below). These developers would be signing copies of the game, and even handing out some free stuff. There will also be extra goodies for fans who show up in cosplay at these locations. 

    • Boston: 40 Winter Street
    • New York City 1282 Broadway
    • San Francisco: 830 Market Street
    • Los Angeles 1000 Universal Studios Blvd. Suite 101
    • Toronto: 267 Yonge Street
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    Warning to all people who pre-ordered BioShock Infinite at Best Buy there has been a glitch with Best Buy's pre-ordering system, resulting in the cancelation of 3,000 BioShock Infinite pre-orders . Though it's fixable, Best Buy will contact anyone who pre-ordered BioShock Infinite from their store via email or phone call. If you pre-ordered from Best Buy and don't want to miss the awesomness of BioShock Infinite during launch date, make sure you check your order. Also Best Buy is offering a $10 gift card to any customer who has been affected by this glitch...           

    In other news, the Irrational  store has been updated with Lithographs(11x14) of Songbird, Charles, and Handyman each about $25 and $65 as a trio set. A limited edition of t…

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    Bioshock Infinite Mind In Revolt is E-Book prequel story to the highly anticipated game Bioshock Infinite releasing in March 26. Bioshock Infinite Mind In Revolt offers story insight and information about the lore and the city of Columbia to provide "a better understanding of Bioshock Infinite's world." As well as explaining the motivation of key characters and factions such as Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi. Mind In Revolt is written by Joe Fielder with creative director Ken Levine, and would be expected to be released by Feb. 12 for $2.99 in Amazon. People who preordered Bioshock Infinite on would also be getting Mind In Revolt for free. Source

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