This is my second blog post attempting to publicize Operation Rationality known on facebook as "Release BioShock Infinite," my last post has the link. I truly believe that together the fans of BioShock can make a difference and make our displeasure with the next games delay known and sucessfully reverse it, the page explains that we need publicity! I am imploring you to like the page so we can build up support for a plan to let Irrational and their parent companies know the fan outrage which im sure is out there. Try to contact them independently and let the know how betrayed you feel, please leave in the comments on the facebook page, (I wanted to do another site, but facebook seemed like the best and most affordable option) info on other sites i could post on to spread the word of resistance to this delay and ways we could contact the makers of BioShock, I believe that we can stop this, we just need to gather enough support.

I should note that this is not any kind of Irrational games Publicity stunt, i really am working to reverse the delay and restore the release date to 10/16/2012. Thank you for reading, please go to my other post to view the FB page.

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